"Frequently Asked Questions" about the City of Oak Grove

 Where is Oak Grove?

Oak Grove is located in northern Anoka County; north of Andover, south of St. Francis, west of East Bethel and east of Nowthen. Location Map.

 What is the size of Oak Grove?

Oak Grove is approximately 36 square miles.

 What is the population of Oak Grove?

City of Oak Grove population 8,337 with 2,788 households.

source: Metropolitan Council

 What is the official newspaper for Oak Grove?

The City's official newspaper is the Anoka County Record where all legal notices are published.  The City also sends a quarterly newsletter to all residents with an ADS box.  The newsletter's are also available on this website.

 What is the zip code for Oak Grove?

Oak Grove does not have its own post office.  There are five different zip codes in the city.  The majority of residents are served by the Cedar/East Bethel Post Office (zip code 55011) or the Anoka Post Office (zip code 55303).  Other homes in Oak Grove have a St. Francis zip code (55070), a Bethel zip code (55005), or an Andover zip code (55304).  Visit the United States Postal Service's website to find out the zip code for a particular residence in Oak Grove.

 What is the school district for Oak Grove?

Most of Oak Grove is within School District #15 (St. Francis).  The southwest corner of the city is in School District #11 (Anoka).  For more information, call:
District #15 (763 753-7040) or District #11 (763 506-1000)

 What schools do Oak Grove students attend?

Currently, there are three elementary schools, Grades K-5:  East Bethel Community School, Cedar Creek Community School, and St. Francis Elementary School in District #15.  There is one school for Grades 6-8:  St. Francis Middle School.  There is one school for Grades 9-12: St. Francis High School.  For additional information, call Independent School District #15 (763 753-7040).  For school information regarding District #11 (Anoka) call 763 506-1000.

 Which companies provide utility services in Oak Grove?

Electric - Connexus Energy - 763 323-2600

Natural Gas - CenterPoint Energy - 612 372-4664

Telephone - CenturyLink - 1 800 244-1111

Garbage/Recycling  (Licensed Haulers)

Ace Solid Waste - 763 427-3110

Allied Waste (BFI) - 763 784-2104

Walters Recycling - 763 780-8464

East Central Sanitation - 763 689-2171

LePage & Sons - 763 757-7100

Cable TV - Comcast - 651 222-3333

 Who is the designated provider of emergency ambulance service in Oak Grove?

Allina Medical Transportation is a non-profit company that provides emergency ambulance service within communities designated by the Minnesota Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board.  As such, they do not advertise or solicit for emergency ambulance calls; rather, their emergency calls are referred to them through the 9-1-1 system.  Allina is the designated provider of emergency ambulance service in Oak Grove.  To access information about the services they provide, visit the Allina website.

 What is the closest local hospital that serves the community?

Mercy Hospital is located at 4050 Coon Rapids Blvd. in Coon Rapids, MN.  The main phone number is 763-236-6000.  Information about  the hospital can be found on their website:

 What are the regulations for sheds and other accessory buildings in Oak Grove?

Section 109-94 of the Oak Grove City Code regulates accessory buildings.  Please feel free to contact the City Planner at (763) 404-7075 if you have any further questions after reviewing the language in the City Code.

 Are non-domestic (farm) animals allowed in Oak Grove?

There are areas in the City where a certain number of fowl, horses, goats, etc. are permitted.  If you are considering having these type of animals on your property, please contact the planning department at (763) 404-7075 to find out if and how many animals are permitted on your property.

 How many dogs per household are allowed in Oak Grove?

No more than three dogs over six months of age are allowed per household.

 Does Oak Grove have a "leash law"?

Article 1 Section 4-7 of the Oak Grove City Code declares any dog running "at large" a public nuisance.  A dog is considered "at large" if it is away from its owners property and not restrained.

 When are building permits required in Oak Grove?

Oak Grove has adopted the Minnesota State Building Code and requires all permits in conjunction with the Code.  Call (763) 291-3704 if you have questions on whether or not your project requires a permit.

 Do I need a permit to run a business from my home in Oak Grove?

Section 109-195 of the Oak Grove City Code contains the permitting requirements home businesses.  If you are considering starting a home business please review that language and contact the City Planner at (763) 404-7075 to verify whether or not a permit is required before moving forward.

 What can residents do about neighborhood concerns or disputes?

The City of Oak Grove strongly encourages residents to work through any issues they have with their neighbors before contacting the city.  More often than not, these residents are simply unaware of the neighbors’ concerns.  Better communications between neighbors will help build a stronger community and promote a friendly small town atmosphere within the city.  Mediation Services for Anoka County has trained volunteers who provide free services to help settle neighborhood disputes. They can be reached at (763) 422-8878 or visit the Mediation Services web site.  Written, emailed or verbal complaints to the City regarding code violations will be investigated.  All complaints must include the complainant's name, address, and phone number.

 How can I get real estate tax information regarding my property in Oak Grove?

Anoka County offers Web Access to Property Tax Information and the Ability to Pay your taxes on line.

Property tax information is accessible through this website.  You have the ability to search for property information by using the Property Identification Number (PIN) or street address.  The property tax payment component allows the ability to pay current year property taxes on-line.

There is also an Automated Telephone System to access property tax information.

(763) 323-5400

With this new system, you will be able to access certain property information Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. from your touch-tone phone.  You will need to have the Property Identification Number (PIN) to access this information.  The PIN is a 12-digit number that can be found near the top left corner of the Anoka County property tax statement.

Did you know......

Anoka County has a Direct Payment Plan for your property taxes.  Your property tax payments can now be made automatically from your checking or savings account.  For more information about this option, please call the number listed below and press "0" (zero) when prompted.

(763) 323-5400  (Not available for escrow accounts)


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